Freedom Behind Bars South Africa

Prison ministry South-Africa

The prison ministry in South Africa is led by a former police officer / former criminal Freek Vermaak, who accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord in prison. That radically changed his life and he decided to proclaim “freedom in the Lord Jesus.” to prisoners. Freek has been doing this for 18 years and experiences a growing interest from the prisoners. Since early 2019 the government allows the City Bibles to leave some bibles for prisoners to pick up. That turned out to have a great impact. Even the guards ask for a City Bible. There is a need for around 200,000 personalized City Bibles: “Freedom behind bars”.

”Even the guards ask for a City Bible”

City Bibles is independent of every denomination and is based on the Word of God. With its New Testament bibles, City Bibles aims to reach inaccessible groups. Ever increasing migration of individuals and even entire population groups, make these groups hard to access. Migrants are often more open to the Gospel, since they no longer are under their prior social control. These opportunities are unique and City Bibles wants to take cease these opportunities.

More than 2.5 million City Bibles have been printed and distributed worldwide in more than 40 languages. The number of titles is now around 700.

City Bibles works through a growing network of churches, organizations and missionaries. City Bibles has now established a network of 12 partners worldwide from which City Bibles are distributed on 5 continents. City Bibles also uses a website and a webshop. City Bibles works with local projects that are carried out in collaboration with organizations all over the world.

The world is changing and new generations need a new approach. That is why City Bibles has developed an Interactive Bible in which one can read, listen and see the Gospel. All this via the free City Bible app. Our partners in this project are YouVersion, Faith Comes By Hearing, Bible Project and Superbook.