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Author: David and others
Date: ca. 10th century BC and later


This is the most famous book in the Bible. The Psalms have provided people with personal comfort and inspiration. In some ways this book is a summary of the Bible.

These were written over a span of about 600 years. A large number were written and collected by King David and many have been added to this collection since then. The book was used with the people of Israel as an individual.

It was used in worship for singing or reading, as the circumstances required. Some Psalms were written for special services: At the King's Consecration. Many psalms are hymns and hymns, sung by the audience, a choir, or both at the same time.

The book was also used for personal meditation and deepening faith in God. Almost every emotion and situation of man can be found in this book:

  • Thanksgiving,

  • Complaints,

  • Prayer,

  • sadness,

  • Hymn of praise,

  • Confession,

  • penance,

  • Meditation.

It is a book that can cover all seasons of life and all needs.

Theological Themes

It is one of the richest books of the Bible for the believer. That partly explains its continued popularity. The basis of this book is that GOD is:

  • Almighty,

  • Ruler of the universe.

  • He acts at the right time and the way.

It is man's task to trust Him. God's care for man is His visible work. He is present in us, to realize His purpose in us. That is a comfort and encouragement to the believer. He knows that God is there and that He is carrying out His plan and will, despite all the disappointments and problems.

The mercy of God is always emphasized. God treats us like a loving father to His children. Like a hen taking her chicks under her wing. He knows how we are made and that we are but dust. He sympathizes with us and is merciful, aware of all aspects of every situation. God understands the limitation of man. God is just, therefore injustice does not remain without consequences. The evil done to His people does not go unnoticed by Him. GOD empowers us to resist the temptation to give up and join the instigators of evil. The justice of God does not allow evil to win.

The correct attitude of the people of GOD is clearly stated in this book. Our lives revolve around:

  • Prayer,

  • Praise,

  • Humility,

  • Gratitude,

  • Believe.

In this book we find the secret of life. The beauty of the world, the value of all life, the correctness of the natural order, and the joy of life, appear in the Psalms. The grass in the field, our personal thoughts and the stars in the sky bear witness to the majesty of God.

Every human being can see it, although something remains mysterious.

For people things remain incomprehensible, except for God. Grand, mysterious, inscrutable are the essential features of human life and find their origin and explanation in God.

Main features

1. Book 1 (1-41),
2. Book 2 (42-72),
3. Book 3 (73-89),
4. Book 4 (90-106)
5. Book 5 (107-150).