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Peace! That is what we are heading for. A world without disease, sorrow, pain, war, famine or climate change. There will be a world where we care for each other again and where we know true joy.

Now you may be wondering whether I don't watch the news. I certainly do! But what I write about that "peaceful world" is still future perspective. There will come a time when that peace will be there. And I believe that this does not have to take long anymore.


At the moment we see all kinds of events in the world that are far from that peace. What is striking is that in recent years the developments and events are increasing in intensity and frequency. The world seems to be spinning. We are plagued by plagues, disasters, wars, terrorism, economic crises, tensions in the Middle East, climate change, capitalism, nuclear cyber wars, etc. The remarkable thing is that there is an ancient book that has been predicting this for centuries foretold. This book indicates what the world is facing, but also where it will end: namely that peace. With this article, that you are reading right now, we want to show you why that old book is so special is so special. We also want to introduce you with the Author of that book and encourage you that there is hope!


I am not writing this to give you sleepless nights, but I want to offer you something that I, and with me many millions of others, believe in. With a few short articles we want to indicate what is going on in the world right now. Don't be discouraged by what you read. It may look dreary, but I know and believe that there is a God Who has everything in His hand. He does not let anything get out of hand and has everything under control! By Him we can find true rest and peace.