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Farewell freedom and democracy

"Democracy is the best form of government, because the people rule." Particularly in the West, this is a common statement. This is not surprising, because that is where you find countries that have embraced democracy. Yet more and more people are noticing that this current system is under pressure.

For example, in order to keep the coronavirus under control, rapid decision-making is needed for an effective approach. What appears time and time again is that democratic countries spend too much time in consultation. And that while crisis situations require a quick response.

First, interest groups must be heard, parliament must approve, and then the Senate must also consent. In the meantime, the damage has already been done.

Greater consequences

As uncomfortable as it may be, a totalitarian system usually has faster decision-making processes than democratic governments. For example, who could have imagined that Hitler would come to power in the 1930s? At the time, a global economic crisis gave him the wind in his sails. Today, for example, the effects of the global coronavirus put democracy under renewed pressure.

Population control

If you will no longer be able to pay for your house soon, no longer can feed your children, if safety on the streets is no longer guaranteed then the people are asking for a strong leader. Countries like China or Russia may be far away, but we see that the differences with Europe are getting smaller. Some European leaders are getting the same traits as Xi Jinping and the Russian Putin. More and more, privacy must give way to security.

A strong leader?

If the situation gets bad enough, humanity will cry out for a decisive leader. Just as the crisis in the 1930s produced Hitler, so again a decisive leader will come to power. Do you realize how unique it is that we are currently facing a crisis worldwide (i.e. every country)?

It is very special that the Bible foretold this a long time ago. But what is even more special is the fact that God has everything under control. When you believe in God, you may trust that He will make everything new. Thus we may look forward to a wonderful future.

If the situation gets bad enough, mankind will cry out for a decisive leader.