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Bible study 1-2 Nephilim

The bloodline of Cain and the bloodline of the Messiah

Know your adversary

In these articles about the Nephilim we will see what the role of Satan is in major lined of the world history.
In his battle to Destry God's creation. The battle goes back to the creation of the world, but is still actively present today. Lots of facts and trivia so……

Jesus Christ is the central figure in the Bible, the universe and in the human history. We read in the Bible that in addition to the seed of the woman, there is also the seed of Satan. And these two are at war with each other throughout the Bible.
The Nephilim were giant soldiers of Satan who played a crucial role throughout the OT and also in the NT!
From the Bible we are going to learn that God's intention to make the creation in His image cannot be stopped by Satan's efforts to destroy creation. And this war is still in full swing!

In Daniel 2:43 - 44 it says that they will play a role in the end times. The Bible predicts that just before the return of Christ there will be another attempt to mix the seed of the heavenly and the earthly with each other. The fallen angels, along with the spirits of the Nephilim, will return to the earth and the antichrist, the ultimate seed of the devil, will rise up and try once again to make mankind believe that he is god.

Man was a special creation of God. Man looked like God (Ezekiel 1:26; Daniel 3: 25).
The Garden of Eden was the place where heaven and earth met. God and man together in the evening coolness. (Paradise = para (next to) dise, deus (God).
Genesis 2:9....The Tree of Life was in the middle, just as it will be again at the end of time: Revelation 22:2.
Actually, the Garden was a temple: where man and God met.
The Tree of Life gave people eternal life, just as the angels had. Therefore, this tree was a picture of the Lord Jesus, who also gives us eternal life.

God created mankind to take the place of the fallen angels who had rebelled with Satan. They were to maintain the temple on earth. However Adam was set below the angels and yet even though he did not have the power and knowledge of the angels, He gave him the task of maintaining the temple.
Psalm 115:16

The first words in human history concerned marriage (Genesis 1:23-24). "one flesh". Marriage was an exclusive privilege for man and the angels in heaven were amazed: it was totally new to them! Angels are not allowed to marry and marriage was necessary because man was mortal and therefore had to maintain his race by reproducing. (Luke 20: 34-36)Angels were created immortal immediately. They are heavenly beings who do not die and are not allowed to marry. Marriage has an even greater spiritual purpose: a reflection of Jesus and salvation. (Ephesians 5: 22-32). After all, all born-again Christians together form the bride of Christ and Jesus is the bridegroom.

Satan and the fallen angels: the enemies of man
The marriage was holy to God (Heb. 13:4).
Who is Satan? Isaiah 14: 12-17.

Satan rebelleerde tegen God al voor de schepping van de mens
In Ezechiel wordt satan beschreven als de priester in de Hof van Eden met de juwelen van de hogepriester. Hij diende God in het paradijs voordat Adam werd geschapen. Na zijn rebellie werd satan verwijderd van deze positie en vervangen door een nieuwe creatie, Adam.

Satan's first attack on man
Satan was corrupted by pride and arrogant ambition and wanted to remove God from the throne. The first thing he did was alienate his replacement from God. This is why Paul warns in Ephesians 6:11-12 that we are dealing with a spiritual adversary.

Sin removed Adam and Eve from God's presence
Adam would work and manage the Garden. Sin came between them and Adam died a spiritual death. Man's spiritual death is very important on Satan's agenda. You are dead in your sin, says the Bible: Colossians 2:13 ; Rom 8:10. The human body died spiritually because of sin, something Satan used the Nephilim for to further corrupt them so that God's plan of redemption could not go forward. Titus 1: 15 explains why they discovered they were naked. Suddenly they saw what was unclean. But perhaps their outward appearance also changed....

The battle between God and Satan took a new turn: man was now involved.
As for Satan, a prophecy was pronounced.

A human savior would one day defeat Satan
We are going to look at what happened when God had pronounced judgment on the serpent after it had tempted man to sin: Genesis 3:15

The judgment on Satan was that he would not only be at enmity or war with the woman, but that the woman's seed would crush his head. This prophecy meant that a child would be born who would defeat and destroy the devil.

God chose to defeat Satan through His Son Jesus. Satan therefore knew that this would be a male child born of a woman.
Satan knew not only that he would be defeated but also by whom. Not by legions of angels, but by a child of the divine bloodline borne by a woman.
Read Revelation 12:1-4

Angels had contact with people in the pre-flood period
In this pre-flood period, there was open contact between angels and humans on earth. Eve was also not at all surprised when she saw Satan in the Garden. (Just look in the rest of the Bible that when someone meets an angel they are terrified. That is why the angel always says, "Do not be afraid.")

An angel with a flickering sword guarded the entrance to the Garden so that people could not eat from the tree of life. Again, an angel in the earthly environment. This was a Cherub (an angel from around God's throne where Satan also belonged at the time).

In short, in the pre-flood period, angels and humans simply had contact with each other. Thus, fallen angels could also contact humans. This period was characterized by a mix of earthly and heavenly environments.

Adam believed in the promise of Satan's destruction
After the curse, Adam only gave a name to his wife: Eve, mother of all the living. By doing so, Adam indicated that he believed God's prophecy, for Eve would one day become a mother. And this child would lift the curse of sin and restore the relationship with God.


De eerste vrucht
The first fruit
Cain, the first son, could be that child according to his parents and the prophecy. So Satan set out to kill or corrupt him. Satan chose to tempt to sin. Cain's sacrifices offended God and showed his lack of faith. Genesis 4:3-5
I.e. Abel: Heb 11:4

Wicked Cain
Cain was not an atheist; after all, he saw God for himself. However, he believed in a religion of his own. When God did not accept his sacrifices things went from bad to worse.
Genesis 4:8.
And so what had happened? There was NOTHING left of the first two fruits: one was dead and the other corrupt. No more sight of the Messiah. Satan seemed to have won. Cain was under Satan's influence: 1 Jn 3:11-12

God separated Satan's fruit from God's children to protect the Messianic bloodline
Where Adam still tried to blame his wife, Cain openly lied to God. And God separated the wicked from the righteous. Cain was banished outside the land of Eden while Adam and Eve were banished outside the Garden, but still in the land of Eden. Cain feared not only people but also angels who could kill him.

Seth was born and seen as a substitute for Abel. Thus the Messianic bloodline continued. (Seth means "compensation"). Seth was given Enos and there was a revival on earth. The people increased and became numerous. This changed the battle between God and evil.

The daughters of men: the growth of mankind.
Adam had sons and daughters. Genesis 5:3-5. Genesis 5 shows that both sons and daughters were born. And so it was possible for Cain to find a wife (from his immediate family).

The importance of God's commandment "be fruitful and numerous".
There were now too many people so Satan could not kill more individuals to disrupt the Messianic bloodline. There were too many potential Messiahs coming. And Cain was running for his life....
And so satan devised a new attack that would make the entire human race unfit as a Messiah in one fell swoop.....

Who are the "sons of God".
Read Genesis 6:-5. Note that already during Adam's lifetime the fallen angels came to earth for this purpose. (Adam lived another 50 years during the life of Noah's father!).
Verse 4 speaks of a period from Adam to Noah.

Genesis 6 from verse to verse:

Were the sons of God angels?
"Benei ha'Elohim" was used only for divine beings in the Bible. They were mighty men, men of name. Bigger and stronger than the average man. Giants, in other words.

Christians eventually become "sons of God.
"Eventually, born-again people are also called "sons of God." John 1:12 shows this as well as Matt 22:30.

Angels desired human women
Rebellion against God is rebellion against His Will. Angels were forbidden to marry. To humans, however, it was given. Once they rebelled against God, they continued to rebel and violated God's commandment concerning marriage: Jude 1: 6-7.
Satan was creating his own bloodline by allowing angels to have intercourse with humans. (Remember that angels have sod (see Genesis 3)). The angels became jealous of humans who enjoyed marriage and its sexual aspects. This coupled with the fact that the women were beautiful to look at, incited some of the fallen angels to lust.


The first generation of the Nephilim.
Cain lived in isolation from the faithful people of the earth: Genesis 4:16. In the land of the refugee (NOD), Cain settled down and started a family.

A generation focused on worldly success and pleasure.
Genesis 4:17
Anyone who wants nothing from God seeks salvation in worldly things and pleasure. He also built a city (invented it). Cities, like today, are centers of lust and rebellion. After the flood, Nimrod did the same thing. Cain named his first city after his son Enoch (Enoch means "devoted"). Devoted to the sin of the world. Psalm 49:6-13 The next cities mentioned in the Bible are Sodom and Gomorrah. These represent immorality and corruption, right?

The perfect goal for the devil.
Satan's children were born outside the presence and influence of God. And thus a perfect goal for satan to carry out his next plan to thwart the seed of the woman....

Lamech's violation of the marriage commandment tempted angels to follow suit.
Lamech violated God's commandment regarding marriage: Genesis 4: 19The fallen angels saw Lamech sin with impunity and thought, "so do we": Genesis 6:2

The first deal between a family and the devil.
Angels observe what humans do: 1 Peter1:12 ; 1 Cor 4:9The impunity of Lamech's sin and the beauty of his daughter aroused the lust of fallen angels and made them come into the earthly environment.

They offered heavenly knowledge in exchange for the first human bride of an angel.
Therefore, humanity made a huge technological leap forward at the time of Lamech's life. Genesis 4: 19-22
Lamech thought he was immune from God's judgment but was severely condemned. People who don't care about God look at believers with jealousy and hatred.
Lamech was a polygamist and a murderer. Someone who did not care about God.

Naamah, mother of the Nephilim
Was the sister of Tubal-Kain (one of the 4 named women from the pre-flood period): Eve, Adah and Zillah). Naamah means "beauty." Her brothers were all inventors in various fields with the knowledge obtained from the fallen angels.

Heavenly technology in exchange for a human wife.
The first two technologies provided wealth and entertainment, both something in which you quickly forget the Word of God.

Tubal-Cain, a teacher of every craftsman in copper and iron.
But the latest technology provided weapons and tools. Tubal-Cain is a password of the Freemasons (!).

Places in the Bible where people also provided heavenly knowledge.
In many places in the Bible people obtain heavenly knowledge: Solomon, the wicked of Tekoah, the builders of the temple and the tabernacle.

The last pure human generation in Cain's bloodline.
This stops at Naamah and they all most likely perished in the flood.

Main lines

The Lord is giving humanity time to repent.
Man will not live to be older than 120 years.


Enoch, the first prophet.
The rapture of Enoch.
People knew that Enoch had been taken up.
God used fallen angels and Nephilim to show that He is Lord.
Methuselah's long life was a symbol of God's patience and grace.
"Because he is also flesh".... an unlocked phrase.
Physically defiled beings cannot stand before God.
"Man shall not live to be older than 120 years."
How can angels have children with human women?
The men of Sodom wanted fornication with angels.
Biblical evidence of angel-human relationships.
Angels have a distinctive appearance.
Angels have seed.
But doesn't the Bible say angels can't marry?
The violation of God's genetic order.
Psalm 139: the biblical chapter on DNA.


The birth of giants.
Where does the word Nephilim come from?
God preserves the last pure people on earth.
Why were the Nephilim so evil?
Fathers pass on the sin nature to their children.
Goliath, an example of the evil nature of the Nephilim.
"Men of name": the Nephilim were at the root of Mythology.
The giants were famous for their size
The giants defied God
The giants polluted the planet.


The end of the world.
Noah believed God would save them from total destruction
The ark, a supernatural ship.
Noah preached before the flood.
The Flood.
God closed the door of the ark.


The Rephaim, giants of the pre-flood period.
The concept of SHEOL, dwelling place of the dead.
The SHEOL had different sections for the righteous and the wicked.


The judgment on the Nephilim.
Ezekiel 31 verse to verse (describes the period before the flood).
Ezekiel 32, the return of the sons of God in the end times (describes the future).
The Nephilim that died in the Flood are described in Ezekiel 32.


How did the Nephilim return after the Flood?
Noah's family led to a new beginning of humanity.
Parallels of Noah with Adam.
Cham's sin and the curse of Canaan.
Why did God allow DNA from the Nephilim to enter the ark?


Nimrod, the first ruler after the flood.
Was Nimrod a Nephilim?
The descendants of Canaan were giants who dominated in the promised land.
Peoples with the genes of the Nephilim were placed under the spell.
The devil plots to reserve the promised land for himself.


One man against the world.
After Babel, God divided the unbelieving world into 70 nations.
Angels had been given authority over pagan nations.
Abraham, an elected man to start God's people.
The fallen angels who have dominion over pagan nations will be judged.
Angels of pagan nations battle with holy angels over human affairs.
With Abraham, Satan had a single purpose to destroy the holy seed.
God brought Abraham out of the territory of the Nephilim.
Satan's attempt to defile the marriage of Abraham.


Genesis 14, the world war of the Nephilim.
Humans waged war against the post-flood giants.
The post-flood giants were all different ethnic descendants of the Rephaim.
The Zuzim giants were Nephilim descendants of Cham.
The Emims, the Rephaim who lived in Moab.
The Amorites.
Chedorlaomer drove out the Nephilim and conquered Sodom.
With God's supernatural help, Abraham defeats the entire army of Chedorlaomer with only 318 men.
God gives the land of Canaan as an inheritance to Abraham's descendants.
Abraham sinned to fulfill the prophecy itself.
An oath to protect the Messianic bloodline.
Arba, the father of the Anakim giants.


Kill the heirs and take the inheritance.
Isaac underwent spiritual attacks on the Messianic bloodline.
Izaak took the same risk as Abraham did with his wife.
God used Isaac to show himself to the unbelieving world.
Esau's sin recalled the sin of Cain.
Rebecca deceived Isaac to protect the holy seed.
God confirmed the Messianic blessing through Jacob.
The sexual assault of Dina, Jacob's sons protect the bloodline.
Reuben's sin.
Esau's line on Mount Seir, Genesis 36.
Joseph, the foreshadowing of Jesus Christ the Messiah.
Judah took Canaanite wives and endangered the entire tribe of Jacob that would produce the Messiah.


The Birth of God's People.
From Genesis to Genocide.
40 years in the desert was a preparation for the battle in the land of Canaan.
The challenge: the Neephilim caused a loss of faith in God causing them to suffer devastating consequences.


War over the Promised Land.
God had a specific purpose to wipe out the descendants of Canaan.
After defeating Sihon, Israel faced Og, the king of Basan.
The Nephilim possessed the knowledge of modern building structures.
Jesus Christ, the Angel of the Lord, waged war against the kings of the Nephilim.
The Nephilim survived the Flood to serve as evidence of God's power and grace.
The crossing of the Jordan River to the promised land by the Israelites brought great fear among the Canaanite peoples.
Why was Israel God's chosen nation?
The Lord encouraged Joshua to victory.
Like Noah, God saved Rahab, a pure human believer in a corrupt society.
The conquest of Jericho, a similarity to the last days before the flood.
The battle with AI, another supernatural conquest.
Joshua claimed the land for God.
The king of Jerusalem, a picture of the antichrist.
The final battle for the land of Canaan.
The 33 kings of Canaan are symbolic of the one-third of the angels who rebelled against God.
The promised land given to Israel.
Unfinished work: some Canaanites were never conquered.
A task to finish: Caleb's revenge on the sons of Anak.
Joshua's final address to the 12 tribes.


The religion of the Nephilim.
After the death of Joshua, the Israelites ceased to carry out the ban on the last Canaanites: this was the first step toward spiritual pollution.
The Israelites rebelled against God and worshiped Astarot, the god of the post-flood Nephilim.
Then choose today whom you will serve!
Trees (poles), a pagan corruption of the Garden of Eden.
The worship of the lord of heaven.
Nephilim worshiped their ancestors.
Israel's desire for a king led to greater spiritual disasters.
The valley of the son of Hinnom: the Nephilim's relationship to child sacrifice.


The last remnant of the Nephilim.
Goliath and his family were the last giants.
The ultimate prophecy depicted in the valley of Enah.
He shall crush thy head: David foreshadows the Messiah.
Conquest of the remnant.
A supernatural battle.
The Egyptian.
The death of the Nephilim spurred Satan to immediate action.
After 70 years of exile, the 12 tribes return from Babylon to the promised land.


Demons, spirits of the dead Nephilim.
The difference between angels and demons.
Consistent approach of God toward demons: death penalty for anyone who consults such spirits.
Demonic activity in the New Testament.
Hidden demons as gods in pagan religions.


Jesus Christ and the Nephilim.
Allusions toNephilim's judgment in demonic encounters.
An unforgivable sin.
Jesus' power over demons proved He was the Messiah.
Jesus proclaims His victory over the fallen angels in the "abyss".
Immortals: the return of the "Sons of God".
Final Conclusion.